A customized version of CTorrent

Latest News!
New version released. Some sad trackers used to say: "You have an older client". It was all my fault, there was a little bug (8bytes max) in the httpencode.h file. Enjoy.

A full patched version of ctorrent has been released at this addres: http://www.rahul.net/dholmes/ctorrent/. That version contains the "one file" patch and some protocol fixes, a very good work indeed. But it doesn't support the vfat partition trick, so if you migrate there please be warned.

Starting from today you can download a first alpha version of GuiCTorrent.
GuiCTorrent is an openGL monitor of your running ctorrent processes. It requires a Linux Box running Xserver.
It's still in the alpha stage and lot of bugs are wandering around, but I like it: I was used to grepping around the ctorrent processes running on the backround in my Linux Box.

Be warned, it's not a bittorrent client. It's simply an openGL graphical interface built upon the code of ctorrent 1.3.4.
It acquire status information about ctorrent porcesses simply by quering your /proc filesystem and your loopback ethernet interface.
Be happy and have some fun!
As usual the download link is in the bottom of the page

About CTorrent
CTorrent is a BitTorrent Client program written in C/C++ for FreeBSD and Linux. Fast and small are CTorrent's two strengths.

CTorrent Links:
- http://ctorrent.sourceforge.net/
- http://sourceforge.net/projects/ctorrent/

The original project is in (we hope only temporarily) coma state.

A customized version
   Big multifile torrents are going to be the standard. Disk space is a limited resource and so is the bandwidth of your Internet Connection. Often you need only one file out of the full torrent or, more simply, you can't wait to have the whole stuff full downloaded at home.

   After using CTorrent for a while I felt the necessity for some extra features. But there was no track of active development for this project on Sourceforge. You can see htere tracks of movement only on the patch side [thanks folks].

   This is the story so far: I have worked out on top of the CTorrent version 1.3.4 and now, if you want, you can get your desired file out of a multifile torrent. Just use -n switch followed by the number of the file to retrieve.

I have worked trying to respect the spirit and the constructs of the original code and now I'm putting this online for repaying my debt to the original writers and for having a backup copy just in the case my harddisk go crazy.

Other Changes

Along with adding the -n feature I have inserted in this customized version some CTorrent patches, notably:
- The patch (Sourceforge #1042808) about the compiler complain for the getwd function;
- The patch for the mismatching types when reporting pieces of torrents having size > 2GB;
- The patch for calculating pieces offset when dealing with torrents having size > 2GB

Behaviour notes
   - If you don't use the -n switch, the behaviour is simply that of the vanilla CTorrent 1.3.4;
   - If you use the -n switch for downloading a file in the middle of the torrent, then the Customized Ctorrent will download first *That* file, and after, one by one, all the files after *That* using the same "single file" focus. After the download of the last file, the behaviour will be resumed to the normal one.
This is in order to respect, whenever possibile, the spirit of sharing implicit in the bittorrent protocol.

Performance Issues
When you focus the download of a single file in a batch, the download speed decrease.
Please note that in some special conditions stale situtation are possibile.

Just to be sure: like the original ctorrent, this version is released under the GPL. See the LICENSE file for the gory details.

Disclaimer of Liability
I dont make no express or implied representations or warranties in relation to this Software. To the full extent permitted by law, I will not be liable to the user under any law for any loss or damage (including but not limited to direct, indirect, economic and consequential loss or damage) in respect of any matter whatsoever related to the use of this Software, including without limitation, loss or damage caused by the negligent acts or omissions of me or lost profits and damage suffered as a result of claims by any third person. Further, I does not accept any responsibility or liability for any computer virus infection arising from the Software, or any loss or damage caused by the hardware or other software that is used in conjunction with the Software.

DownloadMD5 sum
guictorrent-0.2.alpha.tar.gz (326KBytes)54938d54585579dac2c8925abae62374
guictorrent-0.1.alpha.tar.gz (484KBytes)6200942710c5c7d32c052d8415e79646
ctorrent-1.3.4_cust20050208.tar.gz 2983444ccb912480db138c61a0995812
ctorrent-1.3.4_cust20050131.tar.gz 57074025b0090ef264fe432220f3da0c

July,26 2005 ctorrent: fixed the bug about the tracker saying the client is too older.
June,09 2005 GuiCtorrent: Corrected the bug with the files smaller than a piece
Reduced the size of the background image
June,06 2005 -released the first alpha version of GuiCTorrent
Feb,16 2005 -changed the Partial display on the status line
Feb,09 2005 - vfat partitions bug corrected (ftruncate don't work well with vfat).
- vfat partition's files are now filled with zeros before the real writing.
- the files are now created on the disk only when is necessary
- patch for the 1.3.4 version submitted to Sourceforge
Jan,31 2005 - the very first version

Feel free to contact me at giovans(at)users.sourceforge.net

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